Follow and lead. Lead and follow. Or both at the same time?

I have read the quote “He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader” many times. Aristotle said this thousands of years ago.

What does this really mean? I have done my own interpretation of the quote.

We all have to learn new things every day and even if you are the
“super-top-leader” you have to sit down and learn from others all the
time. Great leaders are humble and open to learn new insights. That
keep them going and it keep them ahead of everyone else. This is why
you have to follow others. Let other people who know their stuff teach
you new skills and give you new insights.

Another aspect is what I heard several years ago by a military. ‘The
troop has to know what to do even if its leader is dead’. This means
that you have to know what to do in the next step and what was in the
plan even if no-one will give you an order. The leader has the make
sure that you have the right training to be able to continue working
towards the goal without micro-instructions.

I also believe that you have to follow great leaders to be able to
learn how to lead. Study what they do and how it works. Your
leadership abilities expand every time you have the chance to work
with other leaders. Learn from what they have done, what worked and
then when you have the chance to lead you have a better feeling what
will work for you in different situations.

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If you look around you’ll see some great people, use them! Learn from
them. You still have a lot to learn whatever age you are. To be
surrounded by talented people is a gift, they will make sure you
develop yourself.

Follow others and you will expand your own abilities to become a better leader!

Have a nice weekend folks,