Fans, loyalty, social media and the role of true engagement

Nowadays, your fans are more important than ever as they have huge power over your brand. How can you get them to live, love and breathe your brand? This is one of the big questions for the future of media and advertising; I’m sure that many people are researching ‘the magic of being shareable’. Likes, followers, hashtags and shares from people who care about your brand are worth a small fortune in today’s social media currency.

Digital Leadership talk by Sofie Sandell

The other day I was passing a sports shop in West London called Sweaty Betty (it’s a a chain in the UK). In there they were having some kind of aerobic class. It was in the evening and was dark outside, and I thought, ‘How interesting to invite your customers to live and breath your brand during the evening.’

It’s a genius way to create a connection with your brand advocates. I’m pretty sure that some of the people who did the aerobic class will mention this on social media, and when they need new sports clothes they will more than likely go back to where they have been exercising in the store.

To be honest, I’m not much for hard-selling and I get tired of too many sales messages in general. I think I will start calling it mental fatigue, caused by too much information. But when someone in my social media network is talking about a product or experience, I get curious. One example of a product I bought upon recommendation on Facebook was my Urbanear headset. That I could then pick the colour I wanted made it even better.

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Brands doing good things are also more likely to have loyal fans. What we buy and do is reflecting on our own personal brand, and if a brand makes you feel healthy you are more likely to share with your friends. Brands that are actively giving back to society and their community are also more likely to be shared by their fans online.

If you want to communicate in a great way with your fans you need to know yourself and your values. Social media makes many things more transparent than ever, and if your brand is bullshitting about what it stands for, you will be revealed as lying sooner or later.

Connect and collaborate with loyal fans and they will go out and serve you as brand advocates. Final tip: the more sharable content that your brand can create, the better.

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