Digital Leadership in Action in Acton – West London – the Oaks development and Waitrose

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been following the development of the High Street in Acton. Acton is an area in West London and their high street has potential of becoming a nice area if you put in some effort into it. Now it’s full of one pound shops and to become more upmarket it needs new energy.

A property developer wants to build a huge complex that will cut off the natural connection between two of the streets, the High Street and Churchfield Road. The big complex will be a gated community and will not make it easier to connect the streets and parts with each other. This will mean a cut off of the natural blood stream to some of the shops.

The developer also got Waitrose (a posh super market) onboard as a tenant. And who doesn’t want a new big Waitrose shop in their community? One of the problems that has been pointed out is that the new supermarket probably won’t have enough customers, and that it will eventually close down.

The people living in Acton are angry! They don’t feel as if their local politicians are listening to them, they now hope that the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, won’t approve the plans – the Mayor has to approve all major changes in London.

By creating a campaign that’s inspiring more people to take action they hope to influence the Mayor and his team.

This is one example of Digital Leadership in action. The citizens are making their voices heard in different ways and they are using some digital tools to create a stronger effect. Have a look at their video and listen to some of them.

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If you would like to read more about the campaign check out this article by Toby Young in The Spectator.

Watch the video in which several of Acton’s citizens are making their voice heard