Different kind of members – membership strategy & leadership

I’m off to talk about Junior Chamber International (JCI) London’s journey, membership growth and leadership in Antwerp, Belgium today. It’s JCI Vlaanderen’s inspiration day.

All membership based organisation around the world, they have the same kind of issues:

  • They want more members
  • They want more engaged members
  • They want members to stay longer
  • And they want to build better relationships with their sponsors and partners.

Do you agree?

In my experience the membership is made up of a few different types of members.

Here are the ten most common:

1) Lifelong learners (not only focused on their profession)

2) Information consumers – always learning about whatever through books, seminars, online courses…

3) Continual professional development members

4) Aspiring leaders and thought leaders. Raising their profile in their industry and community from their membership and involvement

5) The networkers and connectors

6) The CV members – JCI looks great!

7) The activists, mission and purpose members. They LOVE JCI!

8) Happy to pay but don’t want to be involved members

9) Money savers – want the discount on JCI courses and conferences.

10) You “should” join members. Told by others they should join.

Who are you?

You can download some free recourses on my website here that will help you to grow your membership.

The world need more leaders and we can all develop our leadership skills.

Sofie Sandell is a professional speaker and the author of the book Digital Leadership. Read more at sofiesandell.com. And connect on Twitter @soffi_proppand Instagram instagram.com/sofiesandell.

Sofie Sandell speaking

Sofie Sandell giving a talk in Belgium

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