Derya Canan Güzel: It’s the little things that makes me stay creative

This is the fifth interview about staying creative and inspired in a busy world. I believe that you have to know about your own creativity to stay healthy and sane. Derya Canan Güzel portrait

Derya Canan Güzel works as a marketing manager at the newspaper Akşam andAlem Radio in Turkey. Let’s see what she has to share. 

What are some of the secrets about your creativity and what inspires you right now?

Creative moments
Inspiration works in many different ways. For me it’s something that generally pops up when I’m working on the things I love and enjoy. Those are the times I feel alive – when you do what makes you feel good you also get other side benefits such as connecting the dots with another project and you may create new ideas and areas to develop.

Keeping my eyes open for trends
When I see various things in different fields, for example when I’m browsing design magazines, following TV series, exploring new places, new music and any kind of artwork or reading up on the latest tech innovations/communication tools, I can connect them with my work and it definitely helps to expand my outlook. So engage with lots of different stuff if you want to stay creative!

What helps you to stay brave?

The little things
What keeps me brave is the belief that whatever I do it will nourish me in the end. I call this “the importance of little things”. I think those “little things” make a huge difference in our lives.

Sometimes you can’t foresee the outcome or benefit of what you’re doing. I think that despite how unrelated or different from your core business an activity may be, keep doing it. This is how I started writing film critiques in a national newspaper (Akşam in Turkey same group as where I work with marketing which is very different).

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I’ve been a film buff from a very early age, so I feel that I need to write in order to live my passion fully. I first started with a blog, then worked on marketing for low-budget films/TV series and later did some voluntarily work on a social cinema platform. This paved the way for my next steps.

All in all, little things can take you one step further and trigger your creative inspiration.

What scares the h*ll out of you?

There isn’t much but I suppose I fear not achieving my dreams and realising my potential.

I believe we’re capable of doing extraordinary things in life. We shouldn’t fear trying new things, I always love what Steve Jobs said about that: “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

You work with big brands in communication and it’s a busy role. What do you do to calm your mind down?

For me, it’s a fantastic way to find peace in all the busyness. Watching a film or TV series, let’s say a creative production, makes me feel good. Especially if it’s a very well-written and produced one with glorious performances.. Also, with the sublime beauty of cinema, you see (and somehow learn) ) about the creative process.

It’s the best thing to get you away from all the stress and confusion of daily life. My motto is just “read!” It doesn’t matter if it’s a biopic, a novel or an article about politics. Reading definitely enables you to have special “me time” for yourself. Another aspect of reading is that you can improve yourself while relaxing.

With physical exercise I reboot my mind and go back to work with a nice and easy feeling.

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Thank you for sharing Derya.