Creativity matters

Creativity matters

Creativity is the solutions to loads of problems that we are struggling with every day.

Creativity is not a talent we are born with, but a skill that can be learnt.

Creativity is strengthening people natural abilities, which is good for productivity, teamwork and your profit.

Being creative is to see what is possible in situations when others see problems.

Combining a deep understanding of your market and your customers with creative thinking can transform your business and product offers.

Be passionate about the creative process and learn how it works and you’ll be successful.

Make a decision and create your own destiny. ‘Should I or should I not’ will never make your creative mind flourish.

Creativity is free!

A creative person is like the honey pot that all bees are drawn to. Do your best and attract other great people who wants to work with you. You might end up changing the world together.

Creativity is about being precise, it’s about centimeters and inches. Invite the people you have around you to finetune your offers and services. It doesn’t have to be perfect to start with, but ask for feedback and it will become perfect.

Learn to say yes to ideas and what’s on offer from the people around you. Don’t kill an idea in an early stage. You need to let ideas grow and become stronger to give them life.

Lack of large budgets can create amazing solutions… New partnerships are born, organisations that never could imagine working together are now collaborating in large projects.

When managing creativity you also have to learn how to manage risk. They both come hand in hand together.

You have the internet available 24 hours per day and organisation and people can create amazing projects and involve thousands of people directly. Share the content you have available and get people involved!

If you want the culture where you work to promote creativity and innovation you have to learn to let go and allow people to try different solutions. Your colleagues, you and your organisation will prosper!

One thing is true for sure. Creativity will lead to more creativity and higher profit.

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