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I have been working with Emelie Hill Dittmer and we are planning to run creative writing courses together with the aim of improving people’s skills in relation to all kinds of writing, such as blogs, social media, books, essays etc.

Engage your heart in your writing
In this course you will learn how to express yourself from your heart and mind without fear and without being dictated to by your inner critic.

No matter what platform you are writing on, you will develop your writing skills and the course is for those who are keen to explore their inner voice.

You will discover warm-up techniques and get tips and ideas about how to be more open-minded. We will also explore various exercises.

Plus, we will share valuable tips on how to write in a way that keeps your reader engaged. We will also explore arguments, length, readability, social media and how to share your message.

You can invite us to run a workshop for your team, please email me at

Emelie Hill Dittmer is a Swedish journalist and creative writing teacher who has been based in the UK since 2006. She writes regularly for many Swedish publications in Britain as well as for the mainstream Swedish press. Her trademark is beautiful life stories and journalistic portraits of Swedish people abroad. Emelie is also part of the documentary film project Nordic Folk Song about Swedish artists in Britain.

Sofie Sandell is a speaker, writer, and author based in London. She writes for The Guardian, (Adobe), and Huffington Post. She has presented at TEDxUCL and TEDXWomen, and her work is featured in the press around the world. In 2013, she published her book first book on Digital Leadership, exploring leadership and creativity as a driving force for new ideas in the digital landscape. On, Sofie runs a popular Social Media Q&A which raises some of the big questions about life in relation to social media, and she blogs on many topics she feels close to.

Contact me if you are interested in organising a workshop. All open workshops will be announced on my website, and on social media.

The workshop described with images
Engage your heart and brain. Tame your fear. Let’s get creative with your hands. Write so people will listen. Share it on social media. Tips for time management when writing. 

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Social Media Q&A

Do you have any questions about life in relation to social media?

Send an email with your question to Sofie Sandell for a chance to get it published here.

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