Common problems with social media strategies

Hi, this is Sofie Sandell blogging from Kuwait. I have been teaching a workshop in social media campaigns all day. It’s very interesting to see the similar problems that social media brings into organisations. When you introduce social media in an organisation that has been around for a while, say over 15-20 the years, you often have a business cultural problem. The way people act says a lot, this is the business cultural. And if they are feeling that social media is not for them they will act that way as well. It’s often this kind of businesses that I am helping and coaching and social media brings with it a bit of cultural change.

The quick fix – employ someone to do it

It’s very easy to employ someone to do social media, but it’s always hard to get the organisation to “get it” – it takes time. The structural change that social media brings is often new positions, new responsibilities, and new expectations. But if the organisation has a very slow culture change system it will take a long time and joint effort to see the effect of social media.

Social media is a way to share new information and knowledge, connect people internally, and connect better with external partners. And if you’re not really sure who you are trying to connect with then you will get stuck. I have noticed that this is a problem that organisations have all over the world, and it has to do with the element of including social media into the business strategy. You must get it right here to get it to work.

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Copy best practice – make it smart and easy in ten simple steps

Many organisations are copying ideas and tactics from other similar businesses. This might work for a simple actions, such as start tweeting or getting a YouTube channel. But to get this method of “observing others and copy” to work you have to know your own business, strategy and platforms by heart. If you try to copy someone else’s strategy not knowing yourself good enough, you are going to have problems. Problems that often expresses itself as an disengaged audience. If you are not sure about who you are and what you stand for it’s hard to find common ground when connecting with others.  Social media is about getting people to feel connected to your brand. To copy ten quick steps from a book or course and kick off your social media strategy will not work either.

What you’re saying about yourself in social media is also an extension of what is going on in your organisation. In many ways you will show your ability to adopt new ideas and your ability to innovate by what you do and say online. Companies that are denying that their audience are communicating in the digital language are not planning ahead for success, and potential partners and investors will see that.

Thank you, Sofie