Challenging questions about social media and your digital strategy

I am on my way to Mechelen in Belgium, just outside Brussels, early November. I am speaking about Digital Leadership, digital strategies and social media at two events.

The delegates at the 4P square have asked me some interesting questions in advance, I will share some of them with you now and then I will add my answer to the blog later this week. Some of the questions are stimulating your brain for sure!

  1. I really believe in and I admire people driven by passion for their profession, I’m also a “facts and figures” person and I’m very interested in proven Return-on-Investment figures. Can you share some facts about ROI in Digital Marketing?
  2. I would like to hear some stories and opinions about social media in a B2B context. I already have my own view, but I am curious to the point of view of others.
  3. I am active in B2B myself and I am interested in the digital applications in B2B-marketing.  What are the latest trends for the use of digital application in B2B environments?
  4. How can you use social media in a B2B environment? Please share some examples. 
  5. How would your digital strategy be different in B2B versus B2C?
  6. If you were a utility company with no or only a limited presence in social media – how would you start building your digital footprint?
  7. Is there a chance that users will be negative to platforms that  are becoming too commercial in the future?
  8. How will the battle between Google and Facebook evolve according to you? 
  9. What is the digital marketing challenge for 2014?
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