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9 Ways of Being the Better Version of You

Here are the 9 ways of being a better version of you, check out the Google Hangout for the full 20 minutes episode – with Filipe Carrera, Peter Milligan and Sofie Sandell.

1) Never regret
2) Self-compassion
3) Know yourself
4) Never stop learning
5) Sleep more
6) Be open-minded
7) Never underestimate the power of the subconscious mind
8) Say no more often
9) Be open hearted

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The collection: Google Hangouts on air with Filipe Carrera, 
Peter Milligan and Sofie Sandell

I’ve put together a collection of all the Google Hangouts that I’ve been part of with Filipe Carrera and Peter Milligan. Tune in here:

  1. What is real work? Does your work make sense?
  2. Wisdom or knowledge – what should you aim for?
  3. Leadership: What you plant you reap!
  4. Time, speed and flowers. Rule or be ruled!
  5. Do you have the courage to follow your passion?
  6. Do you have to have passion to make it happen?
  7. Customer Service 2.0
  8. Is online learning the future?
  9. How to survive an information tsunami
  10. Love or profit? Can you have both? ❤ $
  11. Why do people love innovation but hate change – is the word change bastardised?
  12. Branding – What kind of brand are you?
  13. How to be an Inspirational leader in a digital world
  14. Digital leaders are creative leaders

Tune in here:

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How to be an Inspirational Leader in a Digital World – Google Hangout on Air

We had a good chat on our Hangout on Air today! Thank you Peter Milligan for your thoughts and Filipe Carrera for moderating.

Some thoughts about what we said:
– When communicating online do with a purpose in mind
– Never try to solve problems over email – if you can, meet and speak to the person or use the phone
– Leaders build trust before they communicate
– When trust is gone, not even the best and most sophisticated communication method will help you to gain trust again. It will take time to gain trust again.
– Swedish battery inventor I mentioned Christina Lampe-Önnerud, she is amazing. In her business they never allowed anyone to email about issues that easily could be interpreted in different ways. Check out her talk here:
– When we know a person and their communication style we are more likely to forgive them if they make a mistake in their communication
– Go back to the basics and keep you message simple
– Limit the amount of emails you send and write better subject lines

Here is the Hangout:


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Social Media Q&A

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