Can you micro-manage women’s shoes? Yes, PwC did that 2015

Yesterday I signed the petition supporting Nicola Sian Thorp‎. In December 2015 she wrote this on her Facebook:

Nicola Sian Thorp Facebook status








Isn’t it weird that we still micro-manage people’s looks in 2015? You don’t even have to have a corporate guideline to do this. Social norms are as strong.

When I was in my early twenties I had a very bad infection in my right foot. It was so bad so the doctor wanted to amputate it. Since then I’m ‘shoe-cautious’ and would obviously never have been employed by PwC since I would not adjust my feet to fit their shoe-rules.

#Discrimination #EveryDaySexism

Sign the petition you too:

Nicola Metro newspaper


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