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Some of my funny public speaking stories

Blue tongue I had a period when I often felt tired after speaking. A friend, who is a singer, recommended me to drink a blue energy drink just before speaking to increase my energy. I took her advice and two minutes before I entered the stage an audience member pointed out that I had a

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Food as medicine – does it work?

Hi everyone, For years, I’ve been experimenting eating different foods and sometimes supplements as well to see if I felt different, better and stronger. Why? Because I need to look after my energy and make sure I can stay focused on writing, speaking, thinking and being creative. One way to make sure that you get enough

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Supporting Richmond council and the rugby cup

I was supporting my friend Helen Astrid who’s an opera singer and singing teacher at her event in Richmond, West London. We sang songs from all countries participating in the Rugby World Cup. How fun! Richmond council made a short video of me 🙂 Sophie, a participant from yesterday’s singing workshop with @HelenAstridSA gives it her

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I love stationery

The other day I confessed that I love stationery on my Facebook, and I quickly got lots of likes and many friends were feeling the same way. How funny, you learn something new every day about your Facebook friends 🙂 I’ve loved pens, pencils, thick pens, colourful pens, papers in different sizes and thickness for

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12 of my quirky and efficient writing tips

I have a goal to write almost every day, and I want to share thoughts, ideas, tips, and other things that people can reflect on. When I write, I have some rules, and here are some of them: It works to write anywhere. Use Notes on your mobile phone or jot down your thoughts in

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Ageism, leadership and wisdom

Last week I was at an event in London and spoke to the event manager. He was British and told me he was 26 years old. He said: ‘I’m very happy to be born in the generation I’m in, you know there are a lot of people who are like 35 and older who don’t even

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CrossFit and leadership

I have a friend who is active in a CrossFit club. He showed me their Facebook group, and there was a post reminding everyone to be open and welcoming to new members. I asked ‘Does it work in real life too?’ ‘Yes, definitely, we all say hello and introduce ourselves to all new people. A

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Social Media Q&A

Do you have any questions about life in relation to social media?

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