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Who is an expert?

I often call people I meet who seem to know a lot about a specific area an “expert”. Many of them say: “No, don’t call me an expert…” I then ask: “Why not?” And I start thinking: “You are pretty good at what you are doing, is it then dangerous to be called an expert?

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Innovation and Creativity

Yesterday I went to a creativity workshop in London. I was totally high of creativity when I left, it was fun and very insightful. All organizations need to be innovative today and creativity is relatively cheap to invest in compare to IT, buildings and other assets. Doing the same thing year after year will not

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Who’s the leader? Me, you or someone else?

Who’s responsibility is it to lead? To create change? To create wealth? Mine, yours or someone else’s…. One of my interests is to dig into the secrets of leadership. What is it that works? When are people engaged? What are our prejudices about leadership? Is it really my business? “You do it and I’ll follow

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Standards make the world accessible for all The producer of the film – Sofie Sandell – says: “People have different needs and abilities. In this video we want to give them a voice to make sure that their needs are heard and fulfilled thanks to standards.”  

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Geeky things I learned today

I went to a very interesting seminar today about the social web and mobile marketing. Did you know that there are 4,6 billion mobile phones out there in the world. India has 15 million new mobile subscribers every month… and China only 8 million. That there are 156 new post on Wikipedia per minute. If

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Social Media Q&A

Do you have any questions about life in relation to social media?

Send an email with your question to Sofie Sandell for a chance to get it published here.

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