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5 tips for better membership strategy and engagement

A membership based organisation that’s lacking members is soon going to go bust if they don’t do anything about it. People need to put in their time and energy into the organisation to make it stay active. There are many other things that your members can spend their time on. Here are some tips to

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Supplements I take for a clear mind

When I’m out and about surfing the internet I read a lot of information about supplements and what you should eat to get more energy. Here I will share what kind of supplements I take and how it works for me. Over the last five – six years I’ve taken extra magnesium power. It helps

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Q&A: How do I turn off ‘memories’ on Facebook?

Dear Sofie, I wonder how I can turn off all the memories that are popping up every day in my Facebook feed. Some of the reminders are totally stressful for me; posts from painful life experiences. It’s not good for my mind to see them all over again. Please, can you help me? Answer: I

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The myth about the ‘France email ban 2016’

In the last week, I’ve read articles about the new law in France that forbids employers to email their employees after 18.00. Google ‘France email ban 2016’ and you will find that lots of newspapers write about it. It’s not true, and it’s a new modern myth to add to future books about modern fables. I

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How much time should we spend improving the world?

We are all sent to this earth to live one life with other human beings, with animals and with nature. How long can you expect to live? If you are lucky maybe 100 years. Some will die younger and leave their loved ones with a painful feeling of emptiness in their souls. Recently the activist

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Social Media Q&A

Do you have any questions about life in relation to social media?

Send an email with your question to Sofie Sandell for a chance to get it published here.

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