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Wisdom and Knowledge, Which Should You Aim For?

Last week I was discussing wisdom and knowledge and which you should aim for with Filipe Carrera and Peter Milligan in a Google Hangout which we broadcast live online. I found the topic extra appealing since my name, Sofie, means wisdom. I love it when people tell me that my name means wisdom, something that happened

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Q&A: Social media time management

Question: How can I spend less time online and on social media? I hardly dare to admit it, but I think I’m connected to a computer or mobile device for 14 hours per day. I work with a computer, I have a smartphone and I use my computer for a course I’m taking part-time at

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Digital Stress and Opening Up for a Discussion About It

In the last week I’ve been to a number of meetings about digital stress and how to prevent it from happening in the first place. Sounds easy, right? I’ve been talking to several people about what digital stress means to them and have received different answers. A tech-focused London entrepreneur said it has nothing to

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What Is the Connection Between Leadership and Digital Stress?

Last week I was at a ‘meet and share’ lunch event with The Social Media Club Gothenburg in Gothenburg, Sweden, at collaborative workspace Entrepreneurial Hive. The theme for this lunch was digital stress, a topical subject. Stress-related illnesses cause burn-out and mental illness and stress is one of the main reasons people are off work.

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Q&A: Why is it called internet trolls?

Questions: I read about internet trolls all the time. But why do we call them trolls? Answer: There are two words that have helped us to form the new expression ‘internet troll’. We have the mean and ugly trolls that we can read about in sagas and old folklores. They are described as man-eaters and have

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International marketing trend spotting in Sweden

Last week I spent four days at Dialogkonferansen, an international marketing conference in beautiful Strömstad, Sweden. Probably one of the biggest marketing conferences in Scandinavia. We had typical Swedish summer weather with both sunshine and heavy rain.  On Monday I delivered my talk ‘Digital Leadership’ and shared some facts, stats and ideas about leadership in

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Social Media Q&A

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