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Digital transformation, what does it really mean?

Last week I commented on a LinkedIn update. The poster had asked how people define digital transformation. My comment was: “Making many things in life better, simpler and easier for as many people as possible by using new technology in a smarter way. #DigitalLeadership” There were many suggestions about what digital transformation means, and I

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What is digital leadership? Interview with Mujic Consulting

Recently I was interviewed about digital leadership and what leaders have to consider now when everything has a digital angle to it. I’ve been to plenty of conferences and workshops where we talked about opportunities and hurdles in digitalisation. Every time the conclusion is the same: everyone agrees that it’s culture and leadership that stops

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Tony Robbins: I’m not your guru – review and thoughts

I watched the documentary Tony Robbins: I’m not your guru yesterday. For those of you who’ve not heard of Tony Robbins before, he is a self-help guru who has hosted personal development seminars around the world for about 25 years. Thousands of people attend his events every year, and he’s probably the most famous motivational

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Fast Company – Worst Social Media Practices

The 5 Worst Social Media Practices Brands Should Avoid In social media, as in humor, timing is everything. Experts weighed in on the best time NOT to post that pic or tweet. DON’T FORGET TO SUPPORT YOUR CRITICS No brand likes to be criticized on social media, but one thing brands should never do is

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Social Media Q&A

Do you have any questions about life in relation to social media?

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