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9 behaviours that leaders we admire have in common

I often ask people to describe the behaviour of great leaders. And I don’t mean famous leaders; I mean leaders that people have been close to in their life – at work or in any similar situation. I’ve asked people about leadership behaviours for years and the answers I’ve received have been the same in

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Are you a thoughtleader?

Thoughtleaders is one of these words that we love to say it but we use it in a sloppy way and don’t say what we mean with it. It’s a buzzword and I recently read in the Harvard Business Review that it’s one of those words that have been gaining enormous popularity over the last

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The web: Is it making us lonelier?

For over 25 years we have had access to this wonderful gift called the World Wide Web. It’s both beautiful and the cause of trouble. On Friday 20th March I heard on the BBC Breakfast show that using social media is making us feel lonelier. I think the discussion was prompted by United Nations International

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Digital democracy? Yes please!

Last week I attended the annual Digital Leaders lecture in London and the topic for this year was Digital Democracy. Chloe Smith, a UK member of the parliament, hosted the event and did an excellent job as emcee. Helen Milner from the Tinder Foundation, a not-for-profit social enterprise that makes good things happen through digital

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Whose responsibility is it to stop bullying?

In the last few months one of my friends has cried on my shoulder because of her manager at work. Specifically, she was bullied. Over and over again she was humiliated and felt as though all her self-worth was gone. She also got ill, very ill. My friend, who was in an international senior role,

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My visit to death cafe in London

In December I did something that I never thought I would do. I went along to one of London’s Death Cafés. A friend of mine went to one in May last year and in November I felt an urge to check it out myself before the end of the year. We met in Putney at

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Different kind of members – membership strategy & leadership

I’m off to talk about Junior Chamber International (JCI) London’s journey, membership growth and leadership in Antwerp, Belgium today. It’s JCI Vlaanderen’sinspiration day. All membership based organisation around the world, they have the same kind of issues: They want more members They want more engaged members They want members to stay longer And they want

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