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Addiction, leadership, and chaos

In the last few weeks a new business award in the UK emerged, it’s all about achieving best results in the following categories: 1) Inhuman barbarian, 2) Vulgar braggart, and 3) Narcissistic fool. The competition continues, and there may be more categories to compete in as the contest opens up. One of the biggest media

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9 tips to prevent digital stress and organisational mess

I’ve launched a new talk today and I’m very happy about it Last year I spoke at a lot of digital marketing and social media events. I noticed a tendency that worried me. Many people were approaching me after the talks and sharing that their work had become far too stressful because of omnichannel and

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Top tips to kill creativity and new ideas

As humans we have this wonderful ability to use our mind, imagine a better future and make connections between different events and solutions. But, still I hear over and over again that people in different organisations are using a language and behaviour that kill creativity in seconds. Here are some perfect tips how to kill

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How many owns a smartphone where you live?

I often read stats from the PEW Institute in the US when I prepare for a talk or workshop. You need numbers to back up your arguments with and I find some of their reports worth reading. When you talk about how many that are connected to the Internet, you measure if they either have

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I have a second career in China

The other day I was accepting connection requests on LinkedIn. Since my two last blog posts on LinkedIn went viral and got shared hundreds of times I had at least 100 new requests to wade through. There are plenty of phoney accounts on LinkedIn, and one way I use to check if they are real is

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My creative selfie project

Hello, I decided to get more creative with my selfies and downloaded lots of apps to help me. Here are some of the results that I shared on my Instagram so far. #artyselfie #creativeselfie #selfieart Hello! #photo #portrait #artyselfie A photo posted by Sofie Sandell (@sofiesandell) on Apr 9, 2016 at 3:02pm PDT New creative

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