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The anonymous web. Why does it attract us?

The web and all its applications and inventions mirror what’s going on in the world. One thing I’ve been looking into lately is the anonymous web. I’m talking about confession websites and apps where you don’t share your identity – why do we use them? They are increasing in popularity, but why? It’s not surprising

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Fans, loyalty, social media and the role of true engagement

Nowadays, your fans are more important than ever as they have huge power over your brand. How can you get them to live, love and breathe your brand? This is one of the big questions for the future of media and advertising; I’m sure that many people are researching ‘the magic of being shareable’. Likes, followers,

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9 behaviours that leaders we admire have in common

I often ask people to describe the behaviour of great leaders. And I don’t mean famous leaders; I mean leaders that people have been close to in their life – at work or in any similar situation. I’ve asked people about leadership behaviours for years and the answers I’ve received have been the same in

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Are you a thoughtleader?

Thoughtleaders is one of these words that we love to say it but we use it in a sloppy way and don’t say what we mean with it. It’s a buzzword and I recently read in the Harvard Business Review that it’s one of those words that have been gaining enormous popularity over the last

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The web: Is it making us lonelier?

For over 25 years we have had access to this wonderful gift called the World Wide Web. It’s both beautiful and the cause of trouble. On Friday 20th March I heard on the BBC Breakfast show that using social media is making us feel lonelier. I think the discussion was prompted by United Nations International

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Google hangout: Time, speed and flowers

Google hangout: Time, speed and flowers

Tune it to the latest Google hangout in which we discuss the topics of speed, time and flowers. [...]

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Throwback Thursday. On our sailing trip with S/Y Anagada from Mallorca to Gothenburg 2002. I'm at the helm with the wind behind us, keeping an eye on the wind and the arrow in the mast ⛵️ Think @gunnarwexell was the photographer. #TBT #Throwbackthursday #anagada #sailing #sofiesandell
Lots of my books will find a new home tomorrow in a secondhand book shop. I did the brutal declutter exercise with inspiration from Marie Kondo, my new guru 😎👍🏻. #konmari #books #tidyingup #newlife
Today's morning mission tidying up among all my books. #tidyingup #konmari #books
How to go with the flow... by Guy Browning Humans are made up of 70% water and, like any other body of water, we feel a deep urge to make our way to the seaside. That's why holidays by the sea are so popular: because at a molecular level it's like going home. In the river of life, some people think they're in charge and move forward though a complex series of canals and locks; these are the control freaks in their narrow boats. Others relax in their canoes, occasionally encountering a bit of white water, but generally just drifting happily along. Some people have paddles and try to go where they want to go, but others don't have a paddle and occasionally find themselves in unsuitable creeks. Before you decide to go with the flow, it's always best to check where the flow is coming from. In the countryside you shouldn't drink from a stream if there's a chance that there's a dead sheep in it slightly further up. In much the same way, it's always worth checking exactly where new jobs and new partners spring from. To really go with the flow, it helps if you don't care where you're going. Only the very rich or very poor can pull this one off: the rich because they create their own flow; the poor because they don't have a boat. The flow most people are going with is called the rat race. This is a very powerful current of work and family that carries most people down the storm drain of their lives, then washes them out on to the beach of old age before they've even admired the view. A few people choose to swim against the tide. There are three possible consequences of doing this: you become a very powerful swimmer, but don't get anywhere; you escape the tide and find new pools of happiness; or you drown. Whether or not you go with it, the flow always continues because the passage of life is ever onward. This is worth knowing because sometimes stepping out of the flow for a while allows it to bring you things from farther upstream. Meditation is an attempt mentally to step outside the flow of life and find stillness. A glass of wine, on the other hand, creates a pleasurable internal flow that makes the less pleasant external flow easier to manage.
New shoes. Love the pink laces. #shoes #shoeselfie #fashion
Throwback Thursday. Great memories from my first JCI gala dinner at Åland, 2002 with @trettioplus 🎉💃🏻 #TBT #Throwbackthursday #jci