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Photos and the story of your life

Photos show our life story. Do you agree? I’ve been curating and sharing photos from my life for years; at the moment my public pictures are on Instagram and Twitter. I am fascinated by how Instagram has developed to become a sort of blog of people’s lives. Some of the people I follow always share

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Whose responsibility is it to stop bullying?

In the last few months one of my friends has cried on my shoulder because of her manager at work. Specifically, she was bullied. Over and over again she was humiliated and felt as though all her self-worth was gone. She also got ill, very ill. My friend, who was in an international senior role,

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Social media, innovation and the digital dragon

Digitalization is making us ask ourselves new questions; what, how, who, where, when and why? It’s has slowly but surely been spreading it’s impact in even the smallest corners of all organisations. The digital dragon fly fast and brings new power. It can be both big and small, but most of all, it’s challenging us.

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Astrid Lindgren in my heart forever ♥

Tonight I watched the third episode of the documentary about Astrid Lindgren, the Swedish author. Wow – what a woman. I loved her before and now I love her, and her stories even more. For you who haven’t checked out her books before please do so and for you who might be acquainted with her

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Summary 2014

I hope you’ve had a good year so far and I wish you a great Christmas break and a happy new year. I’ve written an ambitious summary of my 2014. I like reflecting on the past, it helps me to start from scratch next year. If you like goal setting you can download my goal

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The beginning of Xmas 2014

I’m in Gothenburg Sweden to celebrate Christmas with my family. I had a few intense weeks before I got here, work with new clients and friends visiting. So my plan for the next few weeks looks like: Write some articles Relax at home Meet some of my friends Go swimming or running every day. I

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My Latest photos
I walked passed the famous royal bump graffiti this morning. Kate and the crown looked great. #graffiti #art in #London #Islington
At #Asiahouse listening to Dominic Barton, Global MD of #McKinsey. #digital #technology #transformation Some interesting insights about where tech innovation will take place, health care is going to change a lot thanks to technology.
I'm having a coffee at Starbucks in Chiswick Park. This is where the UK Starbucks head office is and all staff here are super mega friendly. Feels as if I'm in New York. #customerservice #starbucks #service #friendlypeople #lunchbreak
If you are tired of male, pale and stale event panels and only male speakers at events please check out my article in The Guardian today. All event organisers including #wef15 should read it. #events #speakers #conference #equality #diversity #women
I'm standing next to one of the Antwerp zoo's lions. I'm a Leo if you wonder 🐱 #leo #antwerp
The latest book I've read. Got it in Brussels and read it on the train back. Forgotten how awesome #Tintin is 👏👍😊 #adventure on #Eurostar #brussels #London back from #JCI #Belgium #meeting and #inspiration day. #Thankyou #grateful
Here is the first slide of The JCI London Story that I shared yesterday for members of JCI Belgium. Very interesting #speaking opportunity. Leadership in membership based organisation has the same kind of challenges. Will share the slides on slideshare later today. Cheers 👋👌💃#leadership #jci
#Repost @jhuylebroeck with @repostapp. Here I speak in Belgium yesterday 👏🙏
Which #JCI member type are you? @SofieSandell already defined these archetypes. Have another one? #InspirationDay
Having a hot chocolate before I'm off to Antwerp for the weekend. #Belgium #hotchocolate #speaking #antwerp #leadership
My choice of hat today. #freezing #London

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Photos and the story of your life

Photos show our life story. Do you agree? I’ve been curating and sharing photos from my life for yea[...]