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Social media, the Web and human social life online

  1. Dating Apps, Rape and the Lack of Safety in Online Dating
  2. The Destructive Use of Periscope Concerns Us All
  3. What will the world look like in 2016? ‘Sofie’s crystal ball’
  4. Twitter’s branding dilemma – a letter to Twitter’s new CEO Jack Dorsey
  5. What Is the Connection Between Leadership and Digital Stress?
  6. Digital Stress and Opening Up for a Discussion About It
  7. Virgin media’s inconsistency in their customer service using Twitter
  8. My day in Oxford at ‘Connected Life 2015: Our Digital Society’
  9. Looking back at 1995, the start of the Web
  10. The anonymous web. Why does it attract us?
  11. The web: Is it making us lonelier?
  12. Digital democracy? Yes please!
  13. Photos and the story of your life
  14. The Web I Want
  15. Dear mini-trolls, please stop snotting in my social media networks
  16. Religion and social media
  17. Cats, Dogs And Social Media
  18. Digital Leadership in Africa

Social media marketing

  1. Seven Ways to Look Really Unprofessional and Senseless on LinkedIn
  2. Digital Storytelling and the Creativity Behind It
  3. 11 difficult & time-consuming ways to boost your social media strategy
  4. Fans, loyalty, social media and the role of true engagement
  5. Social media, innovation and the digital dragon
  6. Changing career from sales and management consultancy to digital marketing and social media
  7. My online brand. Will I be judged?
  8. 40 ways to use Twitter and finding your voice on social media
  9. Finding your voice on social media
  10. Don’t try to sell to me on LinkedIn if you don’t know me
  11. Update from China about social media
  12. Culture and social media observations in Kuwait and the Middle East


  1. It’s a Myth: The Swedish Six-Hour Workday
  2. The 7 Modern Deadly Sins of Digital Leadership 
  3. Volunteering, and 10 things I discovered when I was active with Junior Chamber International
  4. Leadership, Micro-management and Lack of Trust
  5. The kind of leaders we love to work with – firm, fair and fabulous
  6. Having an impact, being daring and self-leadership
  7. What about modern values. Where do they come from?
  8. Digital leadership, innovation and collaboration
  9. 9 behaviours that leaders we admire have in common
  10. Are you a thoughtleader?
  11. Whose responsibility is it to stop bullying?
  12. Twitter’s London office: thoughts about art, leadership & collaboration
  13. How adults best learn online


  1. Life Online and the Questions I Get Asked About Life in Relation to Social Media
  2. International marketing trend spotting in Sweden
  3. My day in Oxford at ‘Connected Life 2015: Our Digital Society’
  4. International conference about religion and social media


  1. My search for what creativity is and what it means to me
  2. Setting Your Conditions for Creativity: Self Care

Public speaking

  1. Are we all inspiration junkies searching for ways to engage our mind?
  2. Events with only male speakers – ethical or not?
  3. The gender issue on stage
  4. How can we save the world from question wankers?

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