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Everyday sexism in organisations run mainly by volunteers

If you are a woman and you get involved in a volunteer-run nonprofit organisation there is one side effect that nobody talks about. At least I never heard about it when I started my involvement as a member in various volunteer-led networks. All women will be exposed to sexism and discrimination to some degree while

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My article about sexist fridge magnets got attention

I pointed out that the sexist fridge magnets are wrong to sell in an airport. I was shared all over Facebook, the magnets were removed a few days later. It’s just wrong to sell them in a government owned airport. Supersnippan Porrkultur ETC:se Facebook Det var författaren och föreläsaren Sofie

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Tattoos, life and our love for quotes

I find it fascinating that people are tattooing important messages on their bodies. I don’t have any tattoos myself, but who knows, one day I may. Cv Pillay has a tattoo on his arm saying: ‘Our paths crossing was no mistake.’ Powerful. Imagine having a coffee with someone and then they show you a similar tattoo, would

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So you think you can manel? Times of India

All-male panels may soon be a thing of the past. Now, feminists are calling out organisers who turn the dais into a manference Over a year ago David Hasselhoff, the alpha male once-lifeguard from Baywatch, found himself a new (uninvited) career as the mascot of the ‘manel’ – the all-male panel. He appeared on a

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Are you some kind of guru? Yes, I am.

Last year I was at an innovation seminar with my friend Joe. I had the unfortunate experience of being stuck on the tube for over 30 minutes in rush hour. It was one of those hot days when, no matter what you did, there would be condensation on the windows inside the tube carriages. Luckily,

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People, heels, and equality

[<a href=”//” target=”_blank”>View the story “People, heels, and equality #fawcettflatsFriday ” on Storify</a>]

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Can you micro-manage women’s shoes? Yes, PwC did that 2015

Yesterday I signed the petition supporting Nicola Sian Thorp‎. In December 2015 she wrote this on her Facebook:               Isn’t it weird that we still micro-manage people’s looks in 2015? You don’t even have to have a corporate guideline to do this. Social norms are as strong. When I was in my early

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