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My Midsummer Summary 2014

Hello, it’s already June of 2014. I had both Midsummer dinner and Midsummer lunch last week, so here comes my Midsummer email newsletter. I’ve done a summary of what has happened so far this year. I did one for 2013 and it was great to look back and share what had happened. It is like looking at yourself

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How to become a Digital Leader with JCI London

Digital leaders are using social media and technology to share their messages and interact with people. That was the core message I was sharing yesterday with the JCI London members and guests. We had a great evening and one thing we had in common was that we didn’t mind missing out on the World Cup

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10 tips for Digital Leaders

I’m going to write 10 tips to become a Digital Leader today! Check out my tweets later. Cheers — Sofie Sandell (@Soffi_Propp) June 18, 2014   1) Leaders are interested in people. Get to know more people and find out what their dreams are. Then you can guide them. #leadership — Sofie Sandell (@Soffi_Propp) June

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Digital Leadership in Africa

Last week I was part of a panel at an event at Barclays in London. The theme was ‘How the digital revolution is shaping Africa’. It was a great event organised by the Africa Forum at Barclays. The forum was set up to share more insights about Africa for people based in the UK. Barclays

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Don’t serve on all male panels and conferences

Do you ever think about what reflects our society and the world we live in?  I do that pretty often and one thing that I notice more and more is that women are not that well represented in panels and as speakers in conferences. Often I am the only woman. This is nothing new, but

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Can you please photograph my heart?

In May I was in Göteborg, my home city in Sweden. I planned to take some new headshots with photographer Katja Rangstam who I’ve known for over 20 years. We had a short discussion about what kind of portrait to shoot: studio, outdoor, business style, traditional, relaxed, working, glamorous or lifestyle. There are so many

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How can we save the world from question wankers?

Have you ever been to a seminar where they open the floor up to questions and then someone asks a question that goes on forever, as though they just love the sound of their own voice and suffer from severe verbal diarrhoea? I’ve recently attended some prestigious technology events in London where experts and panellists

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Social Media Q&A

Do you have any questions about life in relation to social media?

Send an email with your question to Sofie Sandell for a chance to get it published here.

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