Are you fluent in the digital language?

If you are not fluent in the digital language you are going to have huge problems using the internet and social media as an innovative platform. Understanding whether you need to be on certain platforms and how connections and content may help you move forward is vital. 

This month lots of people have asked me: ‘Do you mean that I have to use Facebook?’

Well, yes. Connecting with people you know on Facebook will help you to understand the bigger picture of how you build relationships and trust and how you collaborate and interact online. One man I met on one of my flights said he would never use Facebook or similar social media networks because he had heard that people don’t share interesting posts – too many selfies and too much private communication and details that should have remained private.

People are people, they behave and interact differently both online and in real life – and you decide who you would like to connect with and let into your network. If anyone annoys you, you can always mute them by turning off notifications from them so their comments do not appear on your Facebook feed.

Connecting or not connecting, that’s the question

For me it took a long time before I opened up my LinkedIn network. I felt a bit uncomfortable showing my colleagues where I studied and so on. It took a while but eventually I got over it and connected with the people I work with. It was strange that I was worried about this. I have many colleagues from my last corporate job as Facebook friends and it’s great to have them there. I hope they will be in my network forever.

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Right now there are two digital giants based in California: Google and Facebook. They are huge and we use them a lot. There are about 7.2 billion people on earth and Larry Page, the founder of Google, claims that about 35% of us have access to the internet, which amounts to a staggering 2.5 billion people. Of all these people about 1.8 billion use social media networks.

If you refuse to get a Facebook account because you think people share stupid things on Facebook I think you need to reconsider your decision. To learn the digital language you have to get involved and participate in online discussions. You have to be an active contributor to understand how online participation can help you. Would you consider not using Google anymore? You had to get used to that too.

Sometimes I believe that people who are afraid of building connections online are a bit scared of new relationships and what they will bring. What do you think?

Just get involved. Be active. Contribute and share. 

Best wishes and big thanks to you!