“Sofie really enabled me to think about how I can stand out online and build a digital brand. Her workshop made me consider starting my own website sharing my experiences.”
Michela Pascucci, London, April, 2015

“Down to earth. Simple to put to practice.”
Chinwe Inyamah, London, April, 2015

“Very approachable and personal.”
Egle V-aite, April, 2015


“I attended Sofie’s training in Digital leadership, and I was inspired to begin my own blog and share my own experience. I enjoyed Lory portraitattending the workshop which was interactive and packed with great insights. Sofie is a very creative, passionate and insightful trainer and speaker. She shares her experience and she gave me great ideas I haven’t considered before. Also it was great to get encouragement from someone who’s done the journey before.

I also like that she gave us time to think for yourself during the training which is quite important from my perspective. I also admire her desire to always learn, improve herself and try new things. I highly recommend her training.”

Loredana Toader, Marketing and Sales Director at Metadata Training


“I met Sofie at Wandsworth Chamber meeting. She impressed me straightaway not just because of her experience, but because she has insight into the needs of real-life businesses such as mine. Unlike other practitioners in her field, Sofie did not prescribe me a set Vispi portraitof procedures. She coached me towards a set of thought processes one might associate with successful and dynamic business personalities.

Of course she looked at other aspects of my work, identifying areas needing help, and helping me forward with this. It is difficult to describe the many aspects of her care and work, but if you feel ready to lift your business to a higher level contact Sofie Sandell is The Thought Leader. I give her 5 stars.”

Vispi JAMOOJ, Owner, Living Centre Clinic / Wimbledon Osteopathy & Cranial



“Sofie conducted a workshop around digital leadership for JCI London in June 2014. It was a very interesting and engaging workshop that allowed us participants to get involved and think about the way we present Svenja Kourselves online and what can be achieved as a digital leader.

I learned what it means to be a digital leader and what the steps are in becoming one. It is not only helping myself in business but it is also great on a personal level. It makes you conscious about the time that you spend online and how you interact with people online through various platforms.

I can recommend Sofie as a social media and digital expert to everyone because you can never learn and know everything when it comes to the digital age.”

Svenja Koeppe, London, UK 


“I organised and attended a seminar entitled “How to become a Digital Leader?” delivered by Sofie Sandell in May 2014 at London Chamber of Commerce. Rafael TM

During the workshop, Sofie shared with us the reasons why it is important to be present in the digital world for effective leadership but also how to do it. Sofie’s insights allowed me to get a framework on how to use digital tools for leadership, something which is highly valuable, especially in my leadership role at JCI London.

Sofie delivered her workshop with passion and enthusiasm, providing concrete examples and drawing on her extensive knowledge on the subject of digital leadership.  I would not hesitate to invite Sofie to deliver a workshop again at JCI London and would strongly recommend her for any audience who wants to make the most of the digital world to create an impact!”

Rafael Tselikas Mauro, Training Director, JCI London 


“Sofie gave a guest lecture on digital marketing and innovation to my MBA and MSc students. She Catherine Wang was very enthusiastic about and competent in digital marketing techniques. Her talk was very beneficial to those students who aspire to start their own businesses as well as those who want to pursue a career in a corporate environment.”

Catherine L. Wang,  Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Royal Holloway, University of London


“Sofie is an excellent presenter with up-to-date and in-depth knowledge of all social media platforms. Her preparation for each piece required detailed research and drew on her experiences from many industry-specific courses and workshops.

Sofie is a highly accomplished public speaker who I have seen perform outside of the radio environment to a very high standard. Beyond that she is a constantly upbeat and flexible colleague and an asset to the Tech Talkfest team.”

Richard Lee Producer and Station Manager at ZoneOneRadio, London,UK


“Sofie provided a marketing module for a Women on Purpose programme called ‘Known, Wanted, Adored’ (Women on Purpose is a business I co-run with Ishreen Bradley and Catherine Rushforth). She trained our participants in creative use of social media. Sofie is very professional, generous with her tips and ideas, has an infectious passion for social media and an empowering focus on people rather than just the technology itself. She will definitely make you rethink your approach and will probably inspire you too!”

Mel Larsen, Director, Director of Women on Purpose, London, UK


“I had the privilege of attending Sofie Sandell’s keynote speech at the JCI convention in Gothenburg recently and I want to thank her for giving me so many principles in successful office management that I can bring back and start implementing.

In particular I appreciate Sofie’s practical examples comparing the two giants Microsoft vs. Google. The examples she gave, in using effective communication and to think out of the box, will leave a changed way to proactively communicate . I do not have any signs in my office, but you have certainly left footprints.”

Bodil Karlsson, Winterthur, Switzerland.


“Sofie provided a Creativity Workshop, for 40 staff from our psychological therapy service, which was full of experiential learning and presented with warmth, curiosity and optimism. The content was based on sound psychological principles. We were shown how sometimes default thinking patterns and response styles can limit, rather than facilitate, creative thinking. As well as increasing our insight into the content and consequences of our thinking styles, we all stepped (not too far!) out of our comfort zones and had fun together as a team.”

Dr Dale Huey AFBPs, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, NHS


Jessica Mo“I attended Sofie’s workshop “Creative thinking – Design the future, boost your efficiency and profit” in November 2012 at the City Business Library. In this workshop we learnt how creativity works, both for individuals as well as within teams. We learn how the brain works and how to use it more efficiently whilst crushing a few urban myths.

I found the workshop inspiring and it challenged some preconceptions I had about creativity and innovation. It also showed me how some companies are not after change, and this truly reflects in their behaviour and the way they don’t invest in creative thinking (“yes but” people). It made me really think about the creative process and how to nurture new ideas.

The session had a good pace and was very nicely facilitated. I’ve been to a few workshops at the City Library pr eviously but nothing like this. Sofie was very engaging and got us all to interact, some of it through games which worked really well and made the group bond and learn together. She passed on great tips, checked we got it, and left us to explore further in groups. Straight after the session I felt keen to use the new skills I had learnt in my work as well as in my personal life. “Yes and” is a great phrase which I now use daily.

Companies looking for effective ways to encourage creativity in their staff should most definitely seek out Sofie and book one of her workshops.”

Jessica Mo, Creative Manager, Web designer, Daydream Studios Ltd


Santa Marku“Sofie is a charismatic, insightful and smart digital marketer. I brought her in to my team to test and set up new marketing techniques which she took up with gusto. She is eager to learn and research the subject and shares findings with colleagues enthusiastically. She inspires people around her with her work ethos and her get up and go. She’s a pleasure to work with.”

Santa Marku, Head of Product Marketing, BSI Business Information



Solveig Malvik“I love working with Sofie as she always inspires me to be my best. Sofie knows how London works and how it is possible to make an impact on organisations, institutions and individuals in this large city. Sofie understands branding and brand impact, which is something we have worked a lot on in JCI London this year.

Sofie is a mentor for me in JCI, helping me in my work as a local president, on how we can profile JCI London to make an impactin London, and how I can use my impact and authority as a President in the best way possible. Sofie is always supportive of me, but also realistic and critical when needed. I can always count on Sofie to tell me how things are and how I can both improve it and make the best of it, a very rare trait to find in most people.”

Solveig Malvik, National President JCI UK 2012 & Personal Impact coach at Total Presence

Some comments from Sofie Sandell public creativity and social media workshops:

“It was interesting – everything was well explained. It was good to be made to participate”

“Informative; original;positive; encouraging”

“Interesting notions – it would be nice to hear her expertise on how to be creative in digital marketing campaigns”

“Excellent, different and exciting! Makes you have a different approach”

“This is the best seminar I have attended so far! Sofie is really really good!”

“A good reminder on thinking outside the box”

“Opened my mind to creative thinking techniques”

“It was a very dynamic presentation and comprehensive”

“The session was fun, lively and very inspirational”

“Well presented”

“Good teacher and good group of people – excellent”

“Interesting and informative”

“Really helpful advice – friendly presenter”

“Many interesting exercises”

“Good levels of energy and engaging presentation”

“Exciting and fun”

“Really enjoyed the seminar – very informative”

“Good exercises and examples”

“Excellent because we did a few games that encourage thought”

“We were engaged – so participartive from the start and practiced a lot/played with ideas – would really like more of this subject”

“Giving new and fresh perspective to look and think – very entertaining and imaginative”

“Very creative, informative and interactive”

“Fun engaging with different sources of media”

“Engaging; stimulating – prompt to try out new tunes”

“It was simple and informative”