ABBA: The Museum an example of Digital leadership in action

ABBA the museum - outside

The entrance to the museum.

Do you love ABBA like me? If yes, great – then we have one more thing in common. I went to ABBA: The Museum when I was in Stockholm and I LOVED it sooo much. I smiled, I laughed and I cried – the exhibition spoke to me in many ways.

Being born in Sweden means that you grow up with ABBA. And living in London, where the ABBA musical Mamma Mia! was first staged and is still going strong, you are made to listen to even more ABBA! One of the quotes in the museum said: ‘ABBA sits as a tattoo on your soul’. I agree, it does.

Walking around the museum was simply amazing. So much history has been brought together and Agneta, Björn, Benny and Anni-frid all tell you their stories through an audio guide.

ABBA: The Museum is one of the most digital exhibitions I’ve ever experienced. Great stories and experiences are mixed in a lively way. When I was there I recorded  a film of myself dancing to ABBA, I created a dancing ABBA avatar with my face on it, I remixed some ABBA songs and I also went to a singing audition to become the fifth member of the band. And after the visit I was able to download all my memories online and keep them for myself.

ABBA the museum - abba sits as a tattoo on your soul

The quote ABBA sits as a tattoo on your soul. It was said by Marcus Larsson a a Swedish music critic.

At every experience station you ‘checked in’ using your ticket, which had a unique ID number that you then used to log in online to access the material you had recorded or created.

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Digital leadership in action 

The day following my trip to the museum I was not surprised when a friend told me that the CEO of the museum is Mattias Hansson, a man who used to be the CEO of Hyper Island, a frontrunner in digital media education. I believe that it would have taken a lot of creative digital leaders working together to create such an exhibition.

ABBA the museum - the piano they composed lots of the songs on

The white piano where many of ABBA’s big hits were composed. Björn and Benny spent the summers at Viggsö in Stockholm’s archipelago.

Have a look at this video, ‘Abba – The Last Video’ (very funny):

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