5 tips for better membership strategy and engagement

A membership based organisation that’s lacking members is soon going to go bust if they don’t do anything about it. People need to put in their time and energy into the organisation to make it stay active. There are many other things that your members can spend their time on. Here are some tips to make them stay.

  1. You need leaders and members who want to recruit others to join. People who are enthusiastic and great at explaining why it gives social meaning to do anything without getting paid for it. In a society where we are self-focused many are only looking for things that are good for themselves, leaving out the idea that together-ism and social action can create deeper satisfaction.
  2. Always review how society is changing and how technology is supporting these changes. Open up and have a discussion with your members about how these changes are affecting them.
  3. If an organisation’s head office is bad at communicating and is not aligning their activities with the mission of the organisation the members will become suspicious. There is a risk that they think the head office is doing things to drive their own agenda. To share your intentions and ‘whys’ in a professional way helps to engage the whole membership. If it looks as if a leader is making decisions to support his/her personal career it makes the members doubt their leadership, and in the long term it hurts the organisation.
  4. Have zero tolerance to destructive behaviour among your members and leadership team. Discuss what kind of behaviour that is appreciated, and what that looks like. Far too often one person’s poor behaviour is badly influencing the atmosphere of the organisation. The result is that people may leave and put their energy into something else.
  5. It’s by being involved in projects that your members get the most out of their membership. Make sure you are offering an enjoyable experience for your members and share how their contributions made a difference. If you look at the western world’s population, there are not many who are willing to give up their time to be active in a volunteer network, let the individuals who do bring great memories with them.
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Strategies for membership based organisations

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