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Digital leadership and creativity

During our recent Digital Inspiration Square, Sofie Sandell, a digital expert from the UK, shared her learnings and insights on how to become a digital leader in your market (see video below).

The key to digital leadership is creativity

It is about being creative in the way you use the constantly renewing social media and in the way you use all of your other digital touch points to have your audience experience your brand to the fullest. It includes how to talk an listen to your audience via your website, mobile apps, e-mails, e-commerce channels, online customer care centre, blogs, forums, …

And – just as in classical media – to stand out in the clutter of millions of Facebook pages, Twitter channels, LinkedIn groups, websites, … and to make your brand story touch the minds and hearts of your audience, you need to be more and more creative … in a meaningful way.

Meaningful creativity requires an open mind for new approaches

It all starts with thoroughly knowing and understanding your target audiences. So your journey towards digital leadership will have to include constant monitoring, listening and learning how your consumers and customers integrate your products in their lives and how you can make a difference for them.

You also have to be open for new approaches and keep track off novelties in the market. In this way you may find new trends and you can set up some relevant actions. Once you found out some new approaches that suit your brand values, you can test them. Testing new things is a crucial part in the long process of becoming a digital leader. By doing this, you can see whether your action will work or not. Or as Sofie stated: ‘Test. Test. Test. It’s never flawless to work on digital development. It’s a bit of a bumpy ride!’. After testing your actions, you have to measure your actions of course. You have to know whether they work or not, whether you reached the right target group or not, etc. This part of the process helps you to better understand the needs of your digital public and will help you to anticipate more easily on new upcoming trends.

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Best practices

  • Get the basics right and make your website as user friendly as possible
  • Follow the screens were they are and make your website responsive
  • Share your best practice tips with your customers
  • Be excellent at copywriting and website usability
  • Record testimonials from your customers
  • Deliver what you promise, always