3 myths about the brain

I’ve heard loads of myths about how the brain is working. In this post I’ll kill three of them. Please note that there are still loads of questions to be answered about how the brain works and scientists don’t have the answer to all of them, it’s a super complex machine that we have on the top.

1. The 10 percent myth
I have heard this a million times, that we only use 10 percent of the brain…. This it not true. We use the whole brain. But there might be some people who don’t use its whole potential. No recent brain study would agree with that we only use 10 percent. The brain is one of the most important organs in your body and  if it was true we would have got rid of the unnecessary parts. There is probably no one in the whole world who would like to cut out 90% of the brain because they don’t use it. *

2. The left/right myths
Yes, the brain has two halves, one left, one right. In seminars and lectures I’ve been taught that left is logical and right is creative.  And you as a person is either left or right-brained… Well, it’s not that simple. The brain is super complex and there are loads of connections in the brain that is working all the time and that has nothing to do with any of the sides.

This myth began in the 1800s, where doctors discovered that injury to one side of the brain frequently caused loss of specific abilities. Brain scan experiments, however, show that the two halves of the brain are much more intricately linked than was originally thought, so problem-solving or creative tasks fire up activity in regions of both hemispheres of the brain, not just half. **

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It is though true that your left half controls the right part of your body and vice versa.

3. Drinking alcohol kills your brain cells
This is not true either. If that was true millions of people around the world would have a pretty small brain considering how much human beings are drinking.


Please note that alcohol makes us react slower. You might have heard that the time it takes to react to something takes longer when drinking alcohol. This is not a myth. So don’t drink and drive!

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Three myths about the brain















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