25 tips how to promote your website and grow your online brand

You can use many different techniques to promote yourself and your website online. And depending on your brand, your audience and messages you can use different tools and channels to reach out.

Here I’ve collected 25 ways to promote your website and share what your business is up to.

Banana Advertising

Banana Advertising

There is one rule that is crucial in every technique and that is good writing! Great copywriters rewrite the headlines and the way they describe their products or services several times. The headline is the attention grabber that will make your website visitors to read more and explore your site.

  1. Adverts online and pop-up window
    Have you ever clicked on a pop-up window? For me this is a bit old-fashioned, I wouldn’t recommend pop-up windows for any of my clients, but they are still used so it might work?
  2. Remind customers about your website and social media channels on your products
    Yes, remind your clients how to get in touch online. Easy and should be on more products.
  3. Put your website and social media channels on all your printed material
    On your brochures, postcards and other paper products etc. Online and print works well together
  4. Always add your website, social networks and events in your email footer
    Every time anyone from your organisation is sending an email this will be seen in the footer.
  5. Organic SEO
    Be found when someone is Googling your products and services. Super important!!!
  6. Pay Per Click (PPC)
    Buy ads from Google. Can cost a lot of money if not managed in a god way.
  7. Email marketing
    Build a great database of contacts and send them updates about what’s going on and your offers.
  8. Automatic email programmes
    This is very common. You get your audience to sign up and then you get them into an automatic email campaign.
  9. Free downloads – ask website visitors to give you their email address
    A great way to build your database. Your website visitors love freebies.
  10. Event marketing
    Putting on the right kind of events can raise your brand online a lot! People are sharing the event with their friends and they will tweet and Facebook during the event.
  11. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter
    I think these two social network are the basics in your social media campaigns. You can also try out other social networks depending on where your audience are hanging out.
  12. Start a blog and get the content to be shares in all kind of networks
    Blogging about the problems that your clients are having will boost your online brand.
  13. Image websites such as Flickr and Pinterest
    People love images and photos. Share them with others. And get your fans to share yours.
  14. Membership / online communities
    We love to feel special and to be invited to a group. Online there are many ways to communicate with your fans and also get them to get to know each other.
  15. Online testimonials and reviews from customers
    We are very likely to read online reviews before we make a decision about what to buy or where to go. Make sure your happy customers write a testimonial and that they share it in several online forums.
  16. Online games
    Very popular, loads of people want a fun game to play online.
  17. Coupons / promotional codes / online vouchers / Groupon
    Special offers online that will save your clients some money. Who doesn’t like this?
  18. Online competitions
    We all want to win something. Be creative and engage your audience!
  19. Podcasts
    Your clients will listen to them. Very good to offer as a download and your audience can listen to it when they have time.
  20. Videos
    YouTube is going to be even bigger in the future. Today we’re watching 4 billion videos per day!
  21. Build a mobile App
    Who can live without their smart phone and Apps? Very good way to share your online content and engage your customers.
  22. QR codes
    I am not sure about how efficient they are at the moment. But I believe they will be used more in the future.
  23. Online press releases
    Publish a story about your business and publish it online.
  24. Become a guest blogger and link back to your website
    If you share your knowledge on another blog they will link back to your website as a thank you. Very efficient and you’ll be seen as an expert in your field.
  25. Speak about your business at different events
    If you have the opportunity to speak about your business take it. The audience will listen to you and you have to tell about some of the problems you are solving for them and where they can find you online. Hand out your business cards to people who want to learn more.
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Best of luck promoting your business and website!

If you need any help or training in how to use any of the promotional techniques please get in touch hello@sofiesandell.com