12 of my quirky and efficient writing tips

I have a goal to write almost every day, and I want to share thoughts, ideas, tips, and other things that people can reflect on.

When I write, I have some rules, and here are some of them:

  1. It works to write anywhere. Use Notes on your mobile phone or jot down your thoughts in your notebook.
  2. To avoid getting stiff, I’m mindful in what way I sit when I write. If you sit like couch potatoes, you can get all kind of issues. Your head weighs five kilos, and if that is in the work position you are asking for problems in the future. If you need any help how to sit, contact a physiotherapist or an Alexander Technique teacher.
  3. Nine days out of ten when I write I will follow a strict morning routine. I get up, have healthy breakfast, and then I get ready. Lazy pyjamas style is not for me; I need to honour my words and sentences by wearing either my typical clothes or my gym gear if I’m going to the gym later.
  4. If my body feels tired, I dry brush myself. Your skin is the biggest organ and it’s full of sensors in the skin. When I dry brush it feels like I wake up myself to be more alert and know more what’s going on in the world.
  5. I practice self-compassion when I write. If I’m not feeling great I give myself some time to warm up and might just write a down some random ideas before I start.
  6. I’m not spending hours watching TV, Netflix or YouTube the days when I am planning to write. I just don’t.
  7. I write better if I exercise often. I often go to the gym and give my arms, shoulders, back and tummy a good round. I don’t have a great posture, and to prevent it from getting worse I must exercise. If I get a sore neck or sore back the best cure is to go for a quick run, then you are massaging all muscles from the inside out. I often get a sore neck, and it seems to heal quicker if I get the muscles connecting to the neck to work harder when running.
  8. If I’ve written something I let the piece rest over night and then I edit. All words must earn their space. If I can’t wait til the next day I will go out for a walk or run and make sure I feel comfortable with what I’ve written.
  9. Time management is key! You must decide what you would like to do with your time. If you are planning to write, eat food that is easy to prepare, if you take a long break in your writing you lose valuable time. To get ready it can help to clean your desk where you plan to write, but don’t start a big tidy-up-project that will take forever to finish.
  10. I sometimes suffer from brewcastination. It means that I need a hot drink before I start writing. I hate when something else decide what I shall do, and it helps to stop drinking caffeinated drinks now and then.
  11. When I write I don’t want anyone to call me, my mobile is put on silence and a few meters away from me. I close down all my social media accounts on my computer when I write and try to stay away for it for at least a few hours.
  12. I’ve been to some creative writing courses, and it’s been amazing. If you would like to get to know more techniques to improve your writing, you should check them out on Google. I’ve been to some short courses in London and a two weeks long course at Skyros in Greece.
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Good luck!